Pharmacy Interior Design and Fitting

Pharmacy Interior Design

Interdesign Pharmcare has over 15 years of experience working in the retail pharmacy industry. We understand the specific needs of both the pharmaceutical and retail sides of the business and the necessity to offer a wide range of services including private consulting areas and safe CD storage in a relatively small space. We also understand the retail end of the market and can provide you with a range of fixtures and fittings standard shelving to beautifully lit display cabinets.

We have undertaken re-fits all over the country from London Hospitals and a leading London chain to the smallest outlets in rural villages.

Utilising style and design, your pharmacy, be it an existing outlet or a completely new build can be distinctive and welcoming yet comply with all the necessary regulations.

Our services also include Air Conditioning / Heating, Suspended Ceilings, Counters, Dispensaries, Display Units, Flooring, Lighting, Partitions, Shopfronts, Signage, Slatwall, Furniture & Accessories to name but a few We offer a complete, bespoke package using a range of different finishes and materials to offer a service set to your budget and needs.

  • SR Pharmacy

    SR Pharmacy

  • SR Pharmacy Consultation Room

    SR Pharmacy Consultation Room

  • Fairlee Pharmacy

    Fairlee Pharmacy

  • Fairlee Pharmacy Initial Stages

    Fairlee Pharmacy Initial Stages

  • Fairlee Pharmacy Shelving and Consultation Room

    Fairlee Pharmacy Finishing Stages

  • Cromwell Hospital Pharmacy

    Cromwell Hospital Pharmacy

  • Healthside Pharmacy

    Healthside Pharmacy

  • Highfield Pharmacy

    Highfield Pharmacy

  • Topsham Pharmacy

    Topsham Pharmacy